Which bathtub type is suitable?


 Bathtub, as one of the common sanitary wares in the bathroom, especially in the cold winter, when we work all day and come home to take a hot bath, how comfortable it is. But there are many types of bathtubs, not just one.

glass jacuzzi tub

So how to choose the type of bathtub, which type of bathtub is more suitable for us? Now, let's talk about the bathtub.

1. Freestanding bathtub

 The free-standing bathtub can be placed directly on the bathroom floor without leaning against the wall. This method is convenient for construction and convenient for maintenance and replacement. Since a faucet needs to be installed next to the independent bathtub, the location and height of the faucet must be determined in advance.

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2. Embedded bathtub

  The built-in bathtub is to embed all or part of the bathtub in the groove. In contrast, easy access and safe use. Since the built-in bathtub is generally installed against the wall, it saves space, so it is more suitable for families with limited bathroom area.

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3.  Bathtub with skirt

  The bathtub with skirt is more convenient to install, and has good heat preservation effect and beautiful appearance. The bathtub with skirt is divided into single skirt and double skirt. The single-skirt bathtub is close to the wall on three sides. Generally speaking, the double-skirt bathtub is the choice of most families.

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4. Round bathtub

  The biggest difference of a round bathtub is its shape. Compared with other bathtubs, the circular bathtub has a larger internal space. It is suitable for two people to take a bath together or play with the children. However, the size of the round bathtub is relatively large, which is more suitable for the bathroom space of large residences such as apartments and villas.

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Finally, when we choose the bathtub, we can choose the size of the bathtub according to the height of the person. So it's more comfortable to use~~

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