How to buy a quality acrylic bathtub


How to buy a good quality acrylic bathtub ?

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1. The touch feeling. If you touch the back coating of the acrylic bathtub with your hands, a bad acrylic bathtub will have white calcium carbonate powder on your hands after you touch it. using a strong light such as a flashlight to look at the back coating of the acrylic bathtub to check the light transmittance. If it is easy to transmit light, it means that the cylinder body is thin.

2. Check the appearance. The acrylic bathtub has a uniform color, a smooth and white surface will not harm to the skin of the human body. Check the gloss of the bathtub surface. A good bathtub has a bright surface, while a bad bathtub has a short lifespan, which is prone to aging, discoloration, roughness, and scratches.


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3. Listen to the sound. When you are buying an acrylic bathtub, it is best to buy a bathtub that allows "testing the water". For example, if the conditions allow, you can tap the bathtub lightly and listen to its sound. If the noise is loud, it means that its quality is not good.

4.Check the foot feeling. Take off your shoes and stand in the bathtub to feel it with your feet. A good acrylic bathtub will not have the feeling of bouncing up, sinking or shaking when you press it.

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